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    Suddenly, his face was plummeting toward the plate, and there was nothing he could do about it! His whole life―all twelve years of it―started to flash before his eyes! Plop! His head hit the warm, soft mound of lumpy, mashed potatoes. Who would have thought, he smiled, that mashed potatoes could make such a heavenly pillow ! He didn’t even remember closing his eyes.

Book for "Manure"

Even something as disgusting as manure can take on magical qualities that lead to adventures in your own backyard.  In the summer of1943, while the world was at war, Jim Brown Godwin found himself covered from head to toe in manure.  This is his story, how he got there, what he did, and - most importantly - how he got out.

This is a real story complete with bratty brothers, adults who never grew up, and some very ordinary, everyday heroes...and, oh yeah, manure.  There's no mistaking if.  If you see it, smell it, or step in it, you know it.  Call it poop, dung, do-do, cow pies, scat, turds - or as your grandmother might politely say, excrement, bowel movement, feces, or defecation, there's only one word for it - Yuck!

A Coming of Age Book for Young Adults

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